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Catch Your Breath llc Breathe in... to bliss living yoga Fairfield, CT


Clear Your Body, Mind &
Living Environment

Pain-Free Back Care
Learn to Breathe
Clutter Clearing
Green Cleaning

Release stress ...
increase vitality ... live joyfully

STRESS is related to 99% of all illness.

Relax ... breathe .. dream ... create ... live ...

Catch Your Breath yoga studio in Fairfield, CT is your portal to bliss. Svaroopa® Yoga is taught by Mazie Zdanowich, your lifestyle guide to living Yoga.

Yoga is a philosophy and a lifestyle practice of well-being. The ultimate purpose of living yoga is the inner journey to freedom and bliss.

Catch Your Breath’s core mission is guiding you on this journey to
just be.

All sessions begin and end with simple, powerful, relaxation techniques and postures to unravel "nots" of tension and expand awareness.

Relax ... build strength, balance, clarity and flexibility
Breathe ... unleash your authentic potential
Dream ... start living in the moment ... now
Create ... your best life ... with conscious intention
Live ...

Catch Your Breath llc - living yoga
Catch Your Breath llc - living yoga- Yoga Studio: 2nd Fl, 149 South Pine Creek Rd., Fairfield, CT
cyb_spacermail: PO Box 811 Southport, CT 06890 · Telephone (203) 255-9111 · Email contact Mazie

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