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about Svaroopa® yoga...

Svaroopa® yoga is recognized by Yoga Journal as one of the principal yoga styles in America. Svaroopa® yoga is known for its dramatically different, compassionate approach to profoundly transformative work with the body, mind and emotions. It is widely acknowledged as a powerful tool for promoting healing and personal transformation, as well as opening the inner levels of transcendent experience.

"Svaroopa is the experience of the bliss of your own Being.” – Rama Berch

Svaroopa® yoga is impossible to visualize; it is something ultimately impossible to talk about. You actually have to have someone come over to you, put their hands on you, realign you, and settle you into the pose in a new way. You have to do a series of poses that open up your spine and the core tensions of your body. Then when you stand up you say, “Wow!” Discussing it doesn’t take you there; you have to do it. This yoga practice uses your body to open up the healing power within and to tap into the deepest levels of your own being. You become your own internal source of bliss.

what to expect...

Svaroopa® yoga at Catch Your Breath llc is a deceptively easy, relaxing, transforming practice. Come dressed in comfortable clothing. Remove your shoes and leave the world at the door as you enter the studio. At your first class you will discover the comfort of our blankets that are used for support and relaxation.

recycled blankets
Yes, the blankets are for sale!
Made from 100% recycled materials. $25 each.

ample parking
Abundant Parking !


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