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Yoga in Fairfield, CT
2 hours
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Release Stress Increase Vitality Live Joyfully

Walking Yoga Improve your health, vitality, relationships and self-awareness. Apply bliss-filled Svaroopa Yoga postures, principles and breathing techniques into dynamic walking routines for physical health, mental peace, and spiritual enrichment. Transform a simple, natural activity into a centering, strengthening and integrating experience.

Creating Home Sanctuary – 101 Clutter Clearing - In America, where vigorous consumerism is typical, we own a lot of stuff. If your home, garage or basement is filled up with clutter, you effectively block the flow of spirit, life force, chi-energy and the cycles of nature. Clutter clearing in the first step to creating a home sanctuary. Learn why clutter exists and begin the process to COMPLETELY de-clutter your environment, while developing a zero tolerance for clutter. The emphasis is removing clutter NOT organizing or re-organizing clutter. The only place that clutter moves is OUT!

Creating Home Sanctuary – Simplify Your Wardrobe – 2 week series - LOTS of clothes and NOTHING to wear? What’s in your closet? Learn what to keep in your wardrobe and what to let go. Develop a unique personal style that truly works. Dejunk, and everything else will shine. Discover wardrobe sorting techniques and storage solutions. Eliminate the stress of what to wear and … feel FABULOUS.

Learn to Breathe - If something is bothering you, changing the way you breathe will help. Our breathing patterns invariably reflect the emotional states we are currently experiencing, whether we are aware of those emotional states or not. Experience breathing techniques to increase energy levels, reduce stress and nurture improved health and greater well-being. Increase athletic performance and relieve anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, low self-esteem and more with simple, life-changing breathing techniques.

Meditation: Doorway to your Self - 3 week series - Meditation offers a brief sabbatical from the busyness of thinking and can produce positive changes in immune function and blood pressure. It can improve the quality of life for people with a wide range of medical conditions, including breast cancer, prostrate cancer, psoriasis, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and anxiety disorders. Meditation is also used to enhance spiritual or personal growth. Learn a different Meditation technique each week with Mazie, a certified Kashmir Shaivism Meditation instructor. Please bring a journal.

Svaroopa ® Yoga: Easing Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain - Simple, powerful, bliss-filled, healing yoga uses precise alignments, personalized adjustments, and specialized props to unravel “nots” of tension. Regain your resilience and vitality. Release the spasms in your back and deep into your spine. All student levels and ages including beginners welcome.

Svaroopa ® Yoga for Athletes - Yoga can help to reduce blood pressure, heart rate, improve circulation, remove toxic wastes from the body, boost immune system functioning, improve the alignment and flexibility of the spine, increase range of motion in joints and help protect muscles from being injured during sports and athletic activities. Learn simple, powerful and healing postures that release and unravel tensions deep in the spine. Improve endurance, concentration, balance and flexibility.

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